About Me          I’m a motion designer, and I love all projects that involve animation, video, and design. My professional work has led me to a variety of roles for a number of studios and clients - sometimes designing a storyboard and animating key shots, at other times editing and compositing the final cut at the end of a production.Before I was freelance, I held a staff position as a Motion Graphics Artist at HangarFour Creative. Previous to my motion design work, I spent two years in the feature film industry at Pixar Animation Studios as a Technical Director in the Render Department. I have a passion for all things creative and digital, and find myself at the intersection of imagination and technology, both telling stories and polishing pixels.Filmography
Technical Director, Rendering
 - Coco
 - Cars 3
 - Incredibles 2
 - Bao
 - Weekends

Security in Context – Identity Video – Direction, Storyboard, AnimationThis is an identity video I designed & animated for Security in Context, a research group that monitors and analyzes international security. I collaborated with members of the group to define a script that represented their mission, and then used that script to draw up a storyboard that would bring it to life. Once we approved the storyboard, I began production, handling all aspects myself, from illustration and animation to the final edit and sound design. You can watch the final cut above, and see the foundational storyboards below.

Blunt Action, Cartier - Hidden Cartier: The Rock Crystal Brooch – Editing & CompositingI was brought in for my role through Blunt Action, the studio that handled the final 3D renderings. See the full video and writeup by the lead studio Matte.I handled the final edit and composite for this project, the video component of an in-store experience featuring a seamless video across four 4k displays inlaid into the walls. This was installed in the Cartier Flagship NYC store. I united the 3D renders and working 2D animation files into one final cut. This involved a lot of animation polish, cutting and careful retiming to perfect the look and rhythm, as well as taking care of any late breaking asset changes and cleanup. Last but not least, it presented its own technical challenges that come with preparing and rendering a 16k video into four files for simultaneous UHD playback.

National Geographic – Stopping Pandemics – Motion Graphics PackageMotion graphics package for National Geographic’s Stopping Pandemics live event. Delivered an intro title sequence, countdown clock to event beginning, 1+1 background, 1+4 background, and customized lower thirds for every speaker. All designed to fit with National Geographic brand guidelines. Created using Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects. Made during my time at HangarFour Creative.

Good Deeds – Video Series – All Animation / Motion GraphicsI created a series of video assets for Good Deeds to deploy on the App Store and throughout social, based on scripts they provided. Together we created 5 variations highlighting different features and exploring the app and its uses in different ways. Each video was delivered with bespoke designs for landscape, portrait, and square aspect ratios. Created using Figma, Photoshop, After Effects. Made during my time at HangarFour Creative.

Weekends – Compositing ArtistI had a role as a compositing artist in the Oscar shortlisted movie Weekends. My main responsibilities included assembling different hand drawn assets into compositions, parallax camera animation and asset layering, and digital lighting effects. A key concern was integrating all digital work with the hand drawn elements to create a cohesive composition. All compositing work done in After Effects.

Neuroscience Visualization – The Neural Underpinnings of Electrophysiological Recordings: From Post-Synaptic Potential to Recordings at the Scalp – All Animation & StoryboardingThis is a 3D visualization designed and created as pedagogical material to accompany a grant proposal seeking funding for ERP research. The grant was awarded. I created all the work seen here except for the script and voiceover recording. Created using Maya and Renderman, composited in After Effects. This was created during my time as a student at Hampshire College.

Netsuite – Blog Bites Paid Social – All Animation / Motion GraphicsI created a series of paid ads for Netsuite, based on some provided assets and brand guidelines. There were 12 variations made with different copy and designs, all targeting 5-10 seconds in length. Created with Illustrator and After Effects. Made during my time at HangarFour Creative.

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